First Post

Apparently this WordPress thing is God’s gift to communication.  One wonders why (S)He would let me use it, but I suppose everyone deserves a shot.

I should introduce myself, if you’ve come all the way to this website.  I’m Rob.  I’m a lawyer.   (I’d like to find a different way to self-identify, which is part of the reason why I’m doing this.)  I’m in-house counsel, which means that I don’t work for an hourly wage and I don’t file time cards.  It does mean that I practice (term used loosely) lots of different types of law – corporate, employment, regulatory, litigation, to name a few – and I do it in several different countries, since we have offices in lots of places.   

I do other things too, at least occasionally.  I sing in an a cappella group.  (Shaddup.)  I play squash.  I even read sometimes, though that seems overrated.  I just got a Macbook Air – it’s a sexy beast, and I’m trying to figure out what to do with it (other than caress it lovingly, which sounds weird but makes perfect sense). 

More later…

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